My Story

A Laz boy born in Ankara in 1976… Due to his father’s profession, his primary school years went by in Mardin and Tunceli. He completed his secondary education in Bursa. Then, for his medical education, he returned to Ankara, the city that keeps his childhood in photos now. In the college, he was into theater, classical dance and photography in student clubs. He spent four years in Bursa for post-graduate radiology studies before finding himself in Istanbul.


He believes that spending his childhood and teenage years striding through Anatolia has contributed him much in terms of photography. He now lives in Istanbul and monitors people with magnetic resonance imaging.


He has been into photography since he knew himself; however since 1994, when he met HÜFK (Haccettepe University Photography Club) and educator Mehmet Gökağaç, he knows what he is doing when taking photographs. He started taking photographs with a Revue of Eastern German make, an objective set comprising of 28 mm, 50 mm and 135 mm, and a rolling Ilford HP5 film. After the college, he had a break as he was left without a dark room. But since 2004, when his resistance to digital photography was broken and he met photography sharing web sites on the Internet, he has been intensively into photography again.


In 2007 and 2008,  the photographer had two joint personal exhibitions with Sina Demiral titled  “İstanbul’da”  and  “Melankolistanbul”. Apart from these, he has taken part in several group exhibitions both in Turkey and abroad. He also has several honorable mention prizes and exhibition prizes given by national and international photography contests.


Apart from the virtual magazines on the Internet, he appeared in In Istanbul, Mavi-Yeşil and the Netherlands based La Turque with his Istanbul, Mardin, Hünkar Çayırı and Barselona portfolios. He is also the photographer of the cover photo of the book titled “Today No Ferry” by Erdal Balcı, which was published in the Netherlands. The book titled “Işıkla Yazdım” (Written by the Light) comprising of Özgür Çakır photos and narrated by Şebnem Soysal is pending for publication.


He likes being portrayed as a street photographer. In his photography, he pursues simple moments and expressions from the daily life. He gives importance to the aesthetics of the photography as much as its content. While he stands closer to sociodocumentary genre, he is an amateur who can photograph anything anytime. His main working area is Istanbul, this does not prevent him being a photography traveler though. This is both his job and hobby, and he will continue to monitor people.

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